Instructions for Elumen hair colour

Elumen is a bit different than other hair dyes when it comes to its usage. Therefore, we are providing instructions for colouring your hair with Elumen. More information about this amazing hair dye can be found in our FAQ. See also the ingredient list.

Goldwell Elumen hair colours - Not like other hair dyes

Goldwell Elumen hair colours – Not like other hair dyes

Instructions for Elumen hair colour

Protect your hairline, ears, and neck carefully with Vaseline or skin cream. Protect your surroundings, too, for example with newspapers, because the hair colour is runny and may be difficult to handle. When handling the product, always use gloves. The dye is ready to use straight from the bottle, no need for developers or serums. Leftover colour can be saved for later use. The colours can be mixed freely. If you are looking for a pastel shade, dilute with the Elumen Clear. We also have a product called Clean, which is used to get colour stains off the scalp and skin.

Step-by-step instructions for Elumen hair colour

  • Apply the colour to clean dry hair or towel-dried hair if you would prefer a milder shade
  • Saturate your hair thoroughly with the dye. The colour can be applied with a brush and application bottle or the Elumen applicator comb
  • Leave it on for 30 minutes
  • Wash your hair twice with shampoo
  • Evenly apply approximately 40 milliliters of Elumen Lock to your towel-dried hair, then leave it on for five minutes and rinse well
  • Finally, use a conditioner normally


Instructions for Elumen hair colour. Illustrated instructions as well

Instructions for Elumen hair colour

The hair colour’s longevity and coverage depend largely on hair quality and the dye used. Generally, two or three dyes are required before the colour is layered and no longer fades.

Note that Elumen is a translucent hair colour, so the original colour affects the outcome and any streaks will remain visible. In addition, Elumen is characterized by reflecting light, hence the colour of the hair varies depending on the light.

How to achieve the best possible outcome/result with Elumen:

  • Wash your hair with a clarifying (deep cleansing) shampoo to get rid of any product build up and silicones.
  • Styling products and leave-ins will neutralise your hair which makes it harder for the colour to stick so don’t use one before dyeing. If only possible, not even a conditioner.
  • Elumen doesn’t like water so your hair should be absolutely dry after the wash before putting the dye on. If your hair is damp the colour result will be a bit milder.
  • Everybody’s hair is different and the result varies depending on your hair porosity. A hair type with high porosity has a lot of room in the hair follicles for the dye while a hair type with low porosity has the hair follicles closed and the dye might just sit on top of the hair. If your hair is damaged it will have a negative charge. If your hair has been dyed before, if you use heat tools or if your hair has been chemically treated, it makes a huge difference. Prepare will optimise the hair to receive the hair dye which is why we highly recommend it so your starting point will the best possible and all the variables have been taken into consideration.
  • Cover your hair thoroughly with the dye. Your hair should be saturated with the colour.
  • To keep the dye warm and wet, cover your head with a plastic cap or a wrap of some sort. The heat coming from your body will contribute to the dye sticking better because a warm and wet environment will open up the hairshaft. Elumen dye that has dried up on top of your hair will not dye your hair.
  • After the processing time is up rinse your hair twice with shampoo to get the extra hair dye out.
  • The purpose of Lock is to lock the dye into your hair and if you don’t use it you’re not following the instructions properly.
  • Carefully rinse out the fixative and use a conditioner.