Hair colouring terms

Hair colouring terms that are typically used worldwide does not at first make sense to each and every one. In order to make this matter more understandable we have gathered a summary of the mostly used ones.  Briefly explained hair colouring terms like: permanent hair colour, oxidative hair colour, direct dye hair colour etc.

Hair Colouring Terms

Permanent Hair Colour

A hair colour that remains that same depth and shade forever, unless you go and change it yourself. Your natural hair colour, for example, would stay permanent unless you done something with your hair. A permanent hair colour treatment is managed in a way that it will remain in place without losing that vibrancy or energy.

Permanent hair colour brands and product lines: Goldwell Elumen, Goldwell Nectaya, Goldwell Topchic, Schwarzkopf Igora Royal.

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Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

By adding a more natural glow and style to your hair, these are the less combative style than the permanent hair colour. They tend to have no ammonia or alcohol included, and thus are ‘better’ for the hair but tends to not have the same level of depth colour-wise.

Semi-Permanent hair colour brands and product lines: Goldwell Soft Color, Schwarzkopf Igora Expert mousse, Fudge Paintbox.

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Demi-Permanent Hair Colour

A demi-permanent hair colour contains nothing in the way of ammonia and has only deposits alone. These tend to last for as many as 24 shampoos, so will last for quite a long period of time. Great for blending grey hairs, enhancing your natural colouring or toning some hair highlights.

Demi-Permanent hair colour brands and product lines: Wella Color Charm, Goldwell Colorance.

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Temporary Hair Colour

As the name suggests, these are not permanent and make fine choices for everything from costumes that need a specific look to short-term trials to see how you like certain hair styles. They tend to rinse out after only a few washes depending on the kind of product used originally.

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Direct Dye Hair Colour

Direct dye hair colour solutions are made using a powerful oxidizing agent which then tends to use a chemical change to alter the pigment of the hair entirely. Usually these are made up by using some kind of blend that has a hydrogen peroxide developer for that direct, intensive glow.

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Oxidative Hair Colour

An oxidative hair colour is one that is made from hydrogen peroxide, and is mixed in an alkaline environment by using ammonia to help bring that on. This makes an actual chemical change to the hair, and is most likely to be a permanent or semi-permanent solution that sticks around.

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Non-Oxidative Hair Colour

Unlike an oxidative hair colour, a non-oxidative option tends to be quite powerful and maintains that rich vibrancy without being over-the-top. This uses only deposits and thus will wash out after a few uses. Semi-permanent dyes tend to be non-oxidative, while just about every temporary dye will be this way.

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Ammonia Free Hair Colour

This kind of colouring agent will be avoiding using ammonia in the product, though this does not mean that it is chemically-free or organic. It’s a lot less damaging to the hair follicles, though, and is an oil-based dye more often than not which has a much less significant impact.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Free Hair Colour

Many times, a hydrogen peroxide free hair colour can give you all the help that you need to make your hair shafts dyed partially instead of the full-on dye process that is much more enveloping. The lack of developer ensures this does less lasting damage to the hair strands generally.

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Fragrance Free Hair Colour

While a scented substance is usually a positive, some people prefer their hair colouring tools to be fragrance free. This gets rid of any added extras to try and add a more charming smell to the bottle, ensuring that you have total control over the scent that your hair gives off.

Goldwell Elumen is permanent direct dye hair colour, which is oxidant free, ammonia odour free, ammonia free and hydrogen peroxide free.