Elumen FAQ

We have gathered a frequently asked questions about Goldwell Elumen hair colours. Answers to questions like: differences to other hair dyes; does the hair colour hide gray; what does light, deep, pure and bright mean; how much colour do I need, what ingredients does colour contain and how to choose the right colour.

If you still have some questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

How does Elumen differ from other hair dyes?

Elumen wins over ordinary hair dyes both in nourishment and durability of the colour. Your hair shines, and the colour remains bright for months. Elumen is ppd-free hair dye. Elumen has 76% more colour intensity than oxidative permanent colour and 37% more gloss. Elumen has a wide range of colours, and they can be mixed freely.

Elumen is based on direct dyeing technique, and this way, the dyeing does not damage the hair. It does not contain hazardous chemicals found in oxidative colours; therefore, it is also suitable for dyeing hair of under 16-year-old children and pregnant women.

Elumen does not contain hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, PPD, phenylenediamines or its derivatives.

Does Elumen bleach hair?

No, Elumen just adds colour to hair. However, it can be used in blond and bleached hair, for example, to get rid of unwanted yellowness. For this, we recommend SV10 and AB9 of the light shades.

How do I choose the right colour?

Besides the colour codes, we have named the colours aptly to make your choice easier. Generally, for example, the colours that mention ASH are cold and the colours that mention GOLD are warm. Cold tones refract towards green or blue and warm ones usually towards red.

The shades of Elumen are dark in relation to the number. When 1 is the darkest possible and 10 is the lightest possible, with Elumen, think of each tone as one degree darker. You can try the colour on white paper before applying and mix it with Clear if it seems too dark. In addition, all shades can be mixed. It might take a few tries before you find the right mixing ratio, so do not give up!

Does Elumen hide gray? What is the gray coverage?

It does not cover, but it naturally fades them. Gray coverage is about 30%.

How much colour do I need?

One bottle is enough for dyeing root growth 3 to 4 times. Hair reaching the shoulders takes about 100 ml of colour, to shoulder blades about 150 ml, and hair reaching the tailbone takes about 200 ml. It might take more colour for the few first times because Elumen repairs the structure of hair.

What does Elumen smell like? What kind of texture does it have?

Colour smells like cosmetics and its texture is slightly more liquidity than gel.

How does Elumen fade?

When Elumen fades, it stays the same colour, but its brightness decreases, and it becomes kind of transparent.

How to get Elumen’s hair dye off?

In addition to Return, for example, bleaching washes, oil treatments, and deep cleansing shampoo help in colour removal.

Elumen is easier to remove from the hair than normal hair colour, but it is not 100% guaranteed the hair will return to its original colour.

What if some colour is left over?

You can store Elumen the same way as other direct colours; just close the cap.

What does light, bright, deep, and pure mean?

Goldwell has divided Elumen’s shades into the said categories according to their darkness. Cold and warm shades of blond go with light, middle brown shades go with bright, and dark shades go with deep. In the pure category, are the glowing, highly pigmented so-called fashion shades (red, copper, pink, purple, gold copper etc.).

See also the colour chart.

Can ordinary hair dye be used on top of Elumen?

Yes, ordinary hair dye sticks on top of Elumen, but multiple layers may be needed.

Where can I find pictures of the results?

Pictures of hair dyed with Elumen can be found in Google’s image search, on Youtube and Pinterest.

Can Elumen be mixed with conditioner for colour maintenance?

Unfortunately, the colour does not work if it is mixed with a conditioner. Elumen is so pigmented and lasting that, usually, it needs no colour masks or other maintenance.

What to do when the colour does not stick to unprocessed hair / root growth?

We recommend trying Elumen Prepare. Make sure your hair is clean and dry according to the instructions. In addition, there may be large differences in adhesion of the colour between shades with the same user.

Will the colour stay better if I leave it in my hair for a longer time?

Elumen dries on the surface of the hair, so a longer processing time does not achieve better results. However, extending the processing time has no disadvantages, meaning, for example, the shade does not become darker if the hair dye is sitting for two hours.

How do I get the stains off?

Colour stains on the skin will come off with washing, but the series also has a cleanser called Elumen Clean. From surfaces, the colour may come off, for example, with window cleaner or a disinfectant. From textiles the colour comes off in machine wash.

I do not want to change my hair colour, but I would like to experience Elumen’s gloss.

You can get just the benefits of the gloss treatment and improvement of the hair condition by using the colourless Elumen Clear.

How does Elumen treat the hair?

The porous spots on the hair break the light, so the hair might look a little dull. The Elumen dye fills the pores of the hair and repairs the hair structure.

What products are included in the series?

The series includes a pretreatment, called Prepare, a gentle shampoo, called Wash, Lock that is a colour seal, care spray called Care, intensive conditioner Treat, Return for colour removal, Clean for removing colour stains on the skin, and the colours and the colour applicator set, called Elumen Tools.

How does the colour work and how can it be so long-lasting?

Elumen’s function is based on direct dyeing colour pigments absorbed deep into the hair with a natural electric charge. In normal state, the hair has a negative charge, meanwhile Elumen has an acid pH. Due to its acidic pH, the dye will temporarily change the hair’s charge: The hair’s internal charge becomes positive and pulls the negatively charged colour pigments into the hair as a magnet. Because the colour pigments are so small and surrounded by a film that prevents them from sticking together, they can get deeper into the hair. The colour molecules are shielded inside the hair away from external burdens, ensuring exceptional colour duration.

What ingredients does Elumen contain?

Elumen hair colour does not contain ammonia or oxidative agents. All colours contain the same basic ingredients. The only difference between colours is the used dye(s) and ratio. Basic ingredients are water, propylene carbonate, xantham gum etc. More information about ingredients can be found in our article. Every product page also contains a list of ingredients.